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5th November 2019
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Legionella Training Course Online

Many companies offer online Legionella awareness training which is a quick and easy way to obtain a training certificate.  However, we believe that training in person is a far more effective method of learning in order to comply with paragraphs 50, 51 and 52 of the ACoP L8.


Case Study

We have recently worked with a site where the duty holder had not had sufficient Legionella training to understand the risks involved. This had lead to positive Legionella samples being found around their buildings.  On attending our open Legionella Awareness Training Course in Leeds, they realised that their systems were being poorly managed and maintained.  Following discussions on the course, we were invited to site and have worked closely with them to minimise the potential risks.  After this work, the site have had no Legionella positive results from areas where previously they had been unable to irradiate it.


This shows the value of attending training in an interactive environment where you can ask questions relevant to your business.



Some of our past delegates said:

“Excellent training, informative as well as being fun”
“Looking forward to a follow up session”
“Excellent training course, learnt loads”
“Well presented, interesting and informative”
“Very good. Enjoyed the course. It makes you go away and think about the risks”

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