Our dosage and control equipment represent the latest in technological and innovative advancements for real time control.

Our series of equipment provides a reliable and economical way of controlling your water systems to keep the required water treatment levels under continual control.

Our cooling tower and boiler water controllers represent the latest in technological and innovative advancements. All of the standard features you would expect from a conventional controller are included, plus optional simple-to-use information management tools that enable water treatment professionals to deliver a more effective service to their customers.

The controllers log sensor\ temperature values, water usage, relay and flow switch status and user settings. A USB memory stick is all that’s needed to extract the information.

Simple and flexible controller for cooling tower and steam boiler control. Our controller is the most powerful, affordable, on-line analytical process controller for water treatment.

The easy, intuitive programming makes it easy to configure your controller to control one or two cooling towers from a single unit, (one conductivity and ORP sensor combination per tower).With 4 direct sensor inputs,the controller is capable of monitoring system conductivity, make-up conductivity, pH and ORP.

With 4 conductivity inputs, up to 4 boilers may becontrolled using either continuous sampling, or intermittent(timed) sampling. In intermittent sampling, eight relaysprovide blowdown, plus either chemical feed or alarm capability.

It can also be equipped with 8 analog inputs and6 digital inputs capable of monitoring tank levels,providing interlocks, feed verification and receivingother plant parameter signals.

Liquid metering pumps are the most efficient, effective electronic metering pumps on the market today. The attention to detail in the mechanical design and the quality of manufacturing merge to create a series of pumps better than the sum of their parts.

Our dosing pumps can self prime in seconds, with no operator action other than turning the pump on. We offer pumps with simple on\off control, programmable pumps to dose proportionally via a water meter, and pumps with built in timers. We have a range of pumps available depending on the dosage rate you require.

We can supply a whole range of accessories such as dosing tanks, bunds, solenoid valves and pump spares.

Contact our office with your requirements and we will be able to assist you with your enquiry.

Our web based log book effectively replaces the traditional pencil and paper binder used by most water treatment companies. Your company’s employees and their customers’ can access a dedicated data warehouse by simply using a standard browser such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

No proprietary software is required. Once they are logged in, users can both create and view multiple report types, graph test results, view cooling tower controller data, water temperature monitoring data and access product safety information (MSDS)\ training files\ site layouts, photographs, etc. The web based log book is intuitive, using an icon based navigation system for ease of use.

The electronic log book date \ time stamps and tracks all information entered beyond draft level. Logged primary data is held securely, the altering \ deleting of previously entered data is not possible ensuring data integrity.

We offer a large range of pre-treament plant for a wide range of applications.

Water Softeners

For removing the main scale forming salts from your supply water to prevent scale formation in your system. We have a wide range of plant designed to meet the needs of your site and process. Please contact us for a no obligation survey.

Demin Plant

This plant consists of an epoxy coated skid which supports two ply-glass vessels one containing a cation resin, the other an anion resin. The chemical resistant valves are used to control the service and regeneration flows.

Reverse Osmosis Plant

This provides the highest quality water in constant supply, the water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane which rejects all unwanted impurities. The membrane will only allow pure water molecules to flow through, resulting in all contaminants including bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals being removed and flushed to waste.


UV disinfection technology is widely used around the world to ensure safe water free from bacteria without the use of chlorine or other unpleasant chemicals, eliminating the risk of overdosing or imparting bad taste.